Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Origin of Curing Ceremonies -- #YaNativeLegends

The Origin of Curing Ceremonies -- #YaNativeLegends: This is how ceremonies started among us for the curing of sick people. Long, long ago,
the earth was made. Then the One Who Made the Earth also planned for each person to
have a piece of land that he could live on and call his own.

The Star Husband -- #YaNativeLegends

The Star Husband -- #YaNativeLegends: There was a camp-circle. A party of women went out after some wood for the fire. One
of them saw a porcupine near a cottonwood tree and informed her companions of the
fact. The porcupine ran around the tree , finally climbing it, where upon the woman tried
to hit the animal, but he dodged from one side of the trunk of the tree to the other, for
protection. At length one of the women started to climb the tree to catch the porcupine,
but it ever stopped just beyond her reach. She even tried to reach it with a stick, but with
each effort it went a little higher

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Magic Horse of Ku-Suk-Seia -- #YaNativeLegends

The Magic Horse of Ku-Suk-Seia -- #YaNativeLegends: Once upon a time, before the white men drove them away to Oklahoma, the Pawnee Indians lived in Nebraska, where their sworn enemies were the Sioux. There they lived all the time in villages, where they were skilled farmers and potters

Monday, May 1, 2017

Charles Alexander Eastman --- #YaNative

Charles Alexander Eastman --- #YaNative: We were taught generosity to the poor and reverence for the Great Mystery. Religion was the basis of all Indian training.